Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Speaking at EclipseCon 2008

I will be speaking as part of 5 sessions at EclipseCon 2008 related to OSGi technology. See you there!

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nici said...

Dear Mr. BJ Hargrave,

I could not come the EclipseCon 2008, but I have read your slides about " Android and OSGi: Can they work together?" It is great that OSGi runs on the top of android platform.But, I have some questions:
1. why does OSGi on the top of androis run? I mean, is it not heavy-weight that two frameworks run one after the other in one small mobile devices? Does it not put the performance at risk or does it not consume much more memory?
2. Do you have the paper about the topic? If yes, please send it to me. I cann't get more information from the slides.

I am glad to get your advices

Best regards